What drives you at Olive?

Fatih Kaka | CEO

“We have been a facilities management solution provider for well over two decades, delivering services to public & private sector clients.  But our particular focus is defining and integrating FM strategies within our clients’ business practices.  I’m proud of the solutions we implement.  Having worked in the region for 15 years I see true value in what we do; by consistently delivering exceptional results in terms of cost reduction and enhancing the quality and productivity of operations and maintenance. We have a long term vision. We are passionate about fostering a strong and sustainable growth through which every individual has an opportunity to attain quality of life. To make our vision a reality, it is our responsibility to look after our clients, end users, employees and the environment.”
Sultan Attar | General Manager

“I’m most proud about our diversity.  At Olive, we have a workforce of around 350 technicians, engineers and facilities managers that we’ve sourced from across the world.  It means we bring a variety of ideas, perspectives and proven expertise to our projects.  The values that we established early on in our company history shine through our people; a credit to our recruitment efforts and our strong culture.  We’re also very proud of our Saudisation programme of 22% of the headcount and we actively support our team’s development.”
Mohammad Taleb | Director of Business Development & Administration

“In developing business opportunities, I can reflect on the way clients in the region have really made solid advancements in their thinking and expectations towards FM.  This makes me proud as I know we’ve been a major advocate of providing early expertise and influence to building design.  We have a geek-like obsession with operational efficiency and finding ways to reduce costs without compromising maintenance and service standards.  My biggest boast is when I share how in every single one of our projects we’ve reduced maintenance costs by a minimum of 15% (sometimes as much as 40%).