You might be a property developer planning a new project, or simply looking to improve operational efficiencies – either way, you will be looking to engage with our FM Consultants to overcome the strategic and pragmatic challenges ahead.

Our experience and full lifecycle perspective of how buildings perform means that we engineer the right protocols, policies, procedures and resources to mitigate significant risk and retain optimum value within your assets.

  • Operability and Maintainability Reviews
  • Value Engineering
  • Strategic Urban Management Solutions
  • Sales & Purchase Agreement Reviews
  • Operational Strategies & Management
  • Planning
  • Service Charge Cost Model
  • Service Performance & Measurement
  • CAFM Reviews and Specification
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Transition & Handover Planning
  • Operational Audits and Management Reviews
  • Benchmarking and Performance Forums
  • Utility & Energy Management

Our clients depend on Olive for reducing their expenditure whilst implementing management controls by:

  • Intelligent Operational Design Reviews – practitioner-led design that ensures developments (Infrastructure and Superstructure) operate efficiently and at their most competitive service cost.
  • Optimal Services Strategies – ensuring services are delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Asset Lifecycle Efficiencies – optimise performance over the life of the development.
  • Service Charge for Occupants – fully analysed and prepared.
  • Critical Operational Standards – written for Sales Purchase Agreement and Master Community Declaration.
  • Commissioning & Transition Management – effective transition from construction to operation, overseeing their specific needs such as testing and commissioning.
  • Revenue Streams Assessments – mitigating costs by developing income streams