Education is the key to the success of a school but facilities/buildings play a major part in the smooth running of school and its environment.  Our specialist schools’ facilities management service takes away the burden everything from maintenance and renovation to repairs and overhaul.

School buildings across the Kingdom and possibly the Region is ageing and becoming a barrier to optimal learning and teaching. This results in escalating school infrastructure costs.

Decisions constantly have to be made to renovate schools to maximize an effective learning environment. Olive Arabia can help you make these decisions and provide you the workforce and tradesmen that you need with our school’s facilities management service.

We cover everything regarding your schools’ infrastructure including, Mechanical, electrical & plumbing, installations as well as masonry, carpentry, painting and many more

Our own in-house teams and skilled staff members mean that you only ever deal with one company. Our school facilities management services will help remove confusing contracts, ensuring you achieve the right level of school facilities management provision.

Every school is completely different, and needs to be treated as such. We shall endeavour to come up with a bespoke solution tailored specifically to your school, and work with you to achieve your goals

We have the staff and management who are real experts in these areas. Their job is to stay abreast of market developments, contractual issues and changing legislation dealing with any repair, modifications, or renovations that your school may require.

Our schools’ facilities management service acknowledges that the handling of school health and safety issues can consume a lot of time. Our staff will help advise you on premises and grounds management, ensure that your fire alarms and fire safety equipment are in full working order. We can regularly test any of your electrical and plumbing equipment.


Client brief: Facilities management services for a growing portfolio of School Buildings, Football grounds, sports halls, gyms and other ancillary buildings.

Delivered services:

  • The provision of maintenance services to MEP assets across the Portfolio
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance service for all MEP assets
  • Out of hours maintenance routines
  • Low Current installations
  • Dedicated team for cleaning and janitorial services
  • Pest control services
  • Emergency call out services
  • Dedicated Help desk